The Story of the Survivors – A Photographic Review

This week I looked into the photographic work of three very different photographers who allow others to tell their inspiring stories through their work.


The Studio – Assignment 1

The dance studio is a place of solace, whereby one can enter and feel at home expressing their true emotions without the spoken word. Chiara, 17, knows the studio as a second home, dancing there from her youngest years and continuing to grow alongside it. The studio, located in Hoxton Park, fosters not only the dance careers of young hopefuls, but also friendships that are treasured for years beyond their time spent there. It is through her time spent at dancing that Chiara says she truly feels a sense of peace and an ability to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Walking Out – A Reflection

This week we looked into the work of other UOW journalism stories that produced pieces on emotion. Walking Out, the audio piece created by Elliot Cameron, resonated with me as a result of his effective use of ambience, and lack there of, throughout the story. The ambient sounds effectively contributed to the mood set by the piece, and was coupled well with the interview grabs chosen for the piece. However, it was when Elliot chose to insert moments of silence that the piece was most effective. The narrative arc was chosen appropriately, allowing the listener to start the story alongside the interviewee and finish in the same position. 

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

For the assignment, I chose my friend Chiara in speaking about the dance studio. Chiara has been dancing since the age of 3, and so has grown up around the sights and sounds that come part in parcel with it. I hope that I am able to portray the love that resonates within her for the studio, and the way she feels in allowing others to experience her art form. The ambient sounds that I have collected for past tasks will be used for layering, alongside other familiar sounds that depict happiness and varying dance genres.