The Guilty Pleasures of Life

Natalie Hanna, 19, makes sure she keeps up to date on all popular culture gossip

Natalie Hannan, 19, makes sure she keeps up to date on all popular culture gossip

As children, we all idolised the big-name celebrities that graced our television screens and radios, and we have continued to do this as the years have passed by. In the 80’s we were thrilled by Michael Jackson, whilst the 90’s encouraged us to spice up our life. Popular culture brings us into a world that is beyond us, and allows us to escape reality, if but for just a moment.

We have all been caught indulging in guilty reality television pleasures at one point in our lives. Yes, even you have found (and enjoyed) the glories of Honey Boo Boo and the catchy tunes produced by the One Direction boys! Natalie Hannan, 19, epitomises the stereotypical popular culture fan, without the over-obsessive and obnoxious behaviour, and the uncontrollable emotional outbursts that come with the title.

Natalie first became interested in the glitz and glam of the popular culture scene at age twelve, when she discovered pop-star Katy Perry’s hit single ‘I Kissed A Girl’. Her love of music grew into a fascination with the lives led by big time celebrities, namely those in the music industry. ‘It’s the songs that make you know the people, and you grow fascinated and end up keeping up to date with all of their gossip.

Growing into a fully-fledged love of all things Katy, Natalie confesses that  ‘she was the reason I got twitter 2 years ago.’  It was through dedication to keeping on top of all new information on social media platform Twitter that Natalie won a competition to meet her idol in October of 2013.

Like all things, however, Natalie has learnt to acknowledge the downfalls of the intriguing world that is popular culture. She tells us about her fear for the future as people begin to become too invested in lives that are not their own. ‘These celebrities still have personal lives, and privacy is becoming a major issue as people are losing their identities because they’re focused so much on popular culture and their interaction with it.

Despite the pitfalls of investment in high profile lives, Natalie continues to dote upon the likes of Katy Perry, Usher and the One Direction boys. Passion radiates; it is a difficult task to convey it if ceases to exist, and this bright spark is without a doubt passionate about the future of music and the individuals who produce it for our pleasure.

So what does the future hold? Natalie assures us that her love will not be diminishing anytime soon; she plans on attending concerts by renowned artists Katy Perry and One Direction later on this year when they bring their global tours down under.

Natalie hopes for a future where labels and stereotypes are removed from society, and all can enjoy the diverse musical styling’s available in today’s market without fear of judgment. ‘People should be able to enjoy good music without the fear of being placed under a label. Why allow it to exist if not for ALL to enjoy?’


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