The Every Day Journalist

The increase in demand for news that is constantly available has resulted in the inevitable growth of citizen journalism. Average members of society are breaking stories via technology before newsrooms are able to provide detailed insight to the audience. Is this threatening the authenticity of the journalism industry, or are both able to peacefully co-exist in the modern world?

The public has grown to accept that news will always be readily available to them, and social media outlets allow for this to occur. Along with this, dedicated citizen journalism sites such as allvoices enable the public to contribute to the growing outbreak of news, ultimately increasing the existence of citizen journalism in society.

This too extends beyond the newsroom. Citizen journalism also threatens the integrity of documentaries and profile pieces produced by professional journalists.

A peaceful co-existence can, however, be found in the midst of journalism panic. The average person is able to provide round the clock access to real life events turn breaking news story, and with media outlets such as YouTube available on a global scale, newsrooms can utilise the information and sources in order to provide their readers with the stories they demand.

Companies such as The Guardian have capitalised on the growth of the new journalistic practice in hopes of bringing light to the issue. Individuals can now download a specified app, which enables them to submit information, photographs or video footage to The Guardian about any news they see worthy, breaking or not.

Journalists should not fear the growth of citizen journalism. If employed correctly in the newsroom, this new source of information may be able to boost productivity, and hence take journalism to the next level.


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