Long Live The Print

The public relies on journalists to provide them with information each day. Society has become so fast-paced and independent that, evidently, this reliance has grown into a 24/7 dependence on our newsrooms. Supply is failing to satisfy the demand, and the people have therefore turned to alternate methods to seek out the information they desire.

Traditional methods of relaying news and entertainment, i.e. through print or television, are on the decline. People are no longer sitting down with a coffee each morning and reading the paper, or hushing the kids once the 6pm news starts at night. Newsroom offices therefore do not require the same amount of workers or space that was previously needed to complete work of the same caliber. The rise of the technological age has resulted in an influx of readily available news systems that, as it seems, better suit the needs of the modern society. Ultimately, traditional journalism is on the decline.

It is rare to come across any individual over the age of thirteen nowadays that does not own a mobile phone or tablet device. Society is consuming more news today than it ever has before, and journalists worldwide must adopt the new transitions in order to uphold the dignity of the industry in the future.

The growth of technology is in no way going to degrade the practices and works of the past. News has grown into a social element that allows the community to engage with one another, and this will, no doubt, see greater opportunities emerge for journalists and the journalism industry.

The technological revolution is bringing a new era of journalism to light. The traditional practices of the past continue on their slow decline, and yet society is enhanced with greater knowledge than ever before. It is an issue of perspective, not statistics.


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