Take A Break

Take A Break

Lectures. Tutorials. Stressing for assignments. Cramming for exams. PARKING!
It is no secret that university can be quite stressful for all students at some point or another, and it is important that we all take a minute to breathe, refocus and keep going.
Forget the books and the notes and the stress for just a moment, and take a seat on any given bean bag provided. Can you feel it?
Of course you can.
That, my friend, is relaxation. It doesn’t come by very often, so don’t get used to it.


2 thoughts on “Take A Break

  1. I really like this photo! It was really well set out, with a very clear subject but angled perfectly so it isn’t a portrait. It represents university students in general, not just the one guy lying on a beanbag in the UniCentre. I also like the sense of symmetry with the background, which makes the guy on the beanbag that much more prominent. I also like the little touch of humour in the caption. Good job!

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