Unity Through Diversity

University – that big scary world you venture into when you feel you aren’t quite ready to in order to discover who you are and where you want to go in life. A place filled with budding scientists and aspiring journalists; passionate students taking on copious amounts of knowledge each day so as to eventually reach that common goal – a degree that will score them a job in the competitive workforce of today.

But behind all the books, the assignments, the exams, and the millions of cups of coffee consumed annually, who are these men and women that will soon be leading our workforce in the economically driven world?

Of course, the knowledge and information sought through university is an integral factor in the journey, but it is important that each student to pass through the gates of UOW be recognised as an individual, and not a number.

It is for this reason that my blog will focus on the individual, rather than the degree. I will delve into the lives of various UOW students in order to showcase the individualism and diversity throughout the university, and hopefully encapsulate the true spirit of unity in light of the obvious differences among us.


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